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July 25 / Tribute to Huey Lewis / The Heart of Rock & Roll

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2020 marks the seventh year for this award winning Southern California based tribute to one of America’s truly great rock & roll bands, Huey Lewis & The News. With a front man who bears an uncanny likeness as well as a sound and style that has fooled more than a few fans, The Heart of Rock & Roll is a non-stop ride through some of the biggest hits of the 80s in a colorful and exciting concert experience that teleports you Back in Time to when Huey & the boys dominated not only the charts but also the world of music video.

Propelled by mega hits like, “I Want a New Drug,” “Heart & Soul,” “Hip To Be Square,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” and of course, “The Heart of Rock & Roll” Huey Lewis & The News have sold over 30 million albums worldwide and enjoyed a run of 19 Top 40 hits including their #1 worldwide smash hit, “The Power Of Love” from the blockbuster movie, Back To The Future. With thousands of YouTube views and a strong social media following, The Heart of Rock & Roll has firmly established itself as one of the most accurate and entertaining nationally performing tribute acts and they’ll keep spreading the news all across the country.

The Heart of Rock & Roll is still beating…